Frequently Asked Questions.

Yep, we do get them!

Are all the links you offer on the home page of high PR websites?
All link rentals will place your link on the homepage of the high PR website. If you order a PR4 link then the link is placed on the homepage of the website that is currently a PR4.

Is Budget Backlinks just blog commenting?
Not at all. Budget Backlinks owns the domains it uses. Links are placed inside content on the related high PR page itself and not as comments. There are no comments on our pages at all.

Where are the backlinking domains held?
Most of our domains are USA domains (dot coms, dot nets and dot orgs), although we do occasionally buy domains from the UK.

Can I see the domains before I place an order?
No. Our domains are revealed only to subscribing customers to protect the integrity of our networks.

How many outward bound links are on each domain?
We sell only 10 to 15 external links on the homepage, which makes them great value for money. This is significantly lower than other high PR backlink networks and services.

Will I receive a URL report after the links are placed?
Yes. You will get a report with the URLs to your link once all links have been added. Our turnaround time is 5 business days.

I didn't receive my order within 5 business days...
We guarantee a 72 hour turnaround. If you haven't received your report within that timeframe, be sure to check your junk mail settings or send us an email to let us know.

What categories are available?
Consumer Goods: Websites and pages about consumer goods, retail products, and gadgets.
Finance & Investment: Websites and pages about personal finance, shares, real estate, forex, banking etc.
General Health: Websites and pages about personal health, skin care, diseases, inner health, hair loss, stress etc.
Insurance & Compensation: Websites and pages about health, life, car, home, personal insurance as well as work place compensation, personal injury claims etc.
Lifestyle: Websites and pages about family and parenting, pets, gardening, green living, hobbies and crafts etc.
Weight Loss & Fitness: Websites and pages about dieting and weight-loss, healthy eating, fitness, exercise etc.

To have your say on which niche we should add more domains to you can fill out our waiting list survey by clicking here.

I'm not sure which category to choose!
If you aren't sure which category is best suited to your site then submit support request and we will gladly help you decide.

There are no spots available. What can I do?
Our backlink packages sell fast. If you missed out, you can join our waiting list by clicking here. When our next network opens, the waiting list is given the first opportunity to purchase a subscription, in the order of sign-up date on the list.